Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Adsense Revisited

I guess a lifetime in the computer industry possibly tends to make one a little too cynical and my previous post regarding Adsense was probably too broad a canvas. I have no problem with Adwords and Adsense. The technology works well and I just wish the UK Government would contract Google or Ebay to computerise the Health Service.

What I was alluding to were the myriad of "marketeers" who are essentially promoting pyramid selling deals that are extremely unlikely to make any money except for those at the top of the pile. (Pyramid selling is illegal in the UK)

They are all based on getting lots of traffic to a web site, signing up lots of punters and then selling them a system to do the same thing. My concern is that people should understand that this what is what is being sold by the marketeers and just how difficult it is to drive traffic to a web site.

I can see that if you have a "real" web site that Adsense is a genuinely useful way of generating revenue and obviously works to a large extent or the big web sites with huge readerships wouldn't carry adverts. In that respect it's the same as the conventional media such as newspapers and magazines or TV where advertising makes up a large part of the revenue.

The key here is having a useful product that carries advertising, not trying to do it the other way around which is what most of the get rich quick schemes are proposing.

It's also interesting that it is against Google Terms and Conditions to disclose how many clicks you get on Adsense but it's OK to say how much you get paid.

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