Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Lesser Spotted Sage Line 50 Developer

I got to wondering about how many Sage Developers there really are as opposed to the 750 odd that Sage claim on their web site. The 750 figure presumably includes Developers for all the various Sage products.

For Sage Lne 50 my guess is that there are probably around 40 paid up members of the Developer program.

I've based this guesstimate on the number of Developers you can find on Google without looking too hard, working on the basis that if you have paid £1500 for a Sage Developers license (then £1200 every year) you are probably going to want people to know about it or have a product that uses the Sage Data Objects.

Enough to give the Sage user a reasonable choice but not as many as you might think.


dundeemedia said...

Oh I hear you. I've just spent too many hours trying to solve a problem that wasn't really there, all due to *ankers rounding, sage and an import tool!

Steve Blencowe said...

The whole Rounding thing is a nightmare but would be less of a problem if it was clear how the various languages and apps handle it. Excel is different to VB etc.

A lot of the effects can be quite subtle and there is the added complication in trying to replicate how another app, such as Line 50 does it particularly where you have a multi stage transaction like applying a Discount then calculating VAT.

In these cases there it isn't necessarily a wrong way as such but you have to come up with the same answer...