Monday, May 19, 2008

Open Source is for Idiots

Just why is it a good idea to have free software?

Presumably all the people that are using it aren't turning up at the office every day and working for free.

If you are using the stuff to write your own applications do you give them away as well?

Apart from anything else free software just hands over the world to the Far East. They already make all the hardware and once they can bundle up a nice package based on the Wests freely published information they will.

You might not like Microsoft but that is a very narrow view. Sure Microsoft are incredibly successful and some of the products are less than perfect but what about the taxes they pay, people they employ etc etc etc. Would there be a good reason for Hollywood to spend millions of dollars making films and then let you watch them for free or Boeing to give away aeroplanes?

I can't think of any other industry that seems so hell bent on destroying itself. You might not want to get paid but I'm pretty keen on the idea.

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