Friday, March 27, 2009

Another Reason to hate Estate Agents (and Bankers)

There seems to be the emergence of a nice little scam by the Estate Agents and their mates...

(This is first hand experience and not an anecdotal tale by the way)

A modern 4 bedroom house appears on Rightmove at a good price at the weekend.

The next day we ring the agent who a) is very offhand b) fails to mention it's repossesed c) can't possibly arrange a viewing until Saturday despite having the keys.

Now, apart from anything else, I find it extremely improbable that an agent is so busy they can't arrange a viewing until the weekend.

On late Friday afternoon the agent rings and tells us that they have had an offer which has been accepted and solicitors instructed so we are wasting our time unless we can offer more and are in a position to proceed...

Now as it happens we have the required dosh sat in the bank and we had already made appointments to see other property in the area so we said we'd view anyway....

Which must have been a surprise as they then had to reschedule the appointment.

Smells a bit to me.

Just might be they have a mate who has been been tipped the wink?

Everybody is happy except the original owner who's going to be liable for any shortfall.

And me of course.

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