Monday, June 22, 2009

Safe as Houses?

After months of staring at Rightmove and trekking backwards and forwards we've finally made an offer on a house...

We paid 15K less than the semi realistic asking price (it was being sold in part exchange for a new house) and I'm hoping we're not going to lose money but I'm not holding my breath.

An identical house around the corner (with an extra parking space and a slightly better view) but no conservatory has just gone on the market for 40K more than we paid, which I'd like to take comfort from, but I think they're being hopelessly optimistic.

There's some evidence in our chosen area (alright, my wife's chosen area) that houses are selling at sensible prices so maybe we're near the bottom of the market now (or that dead cat is bouncing again).

The only downside is the neighbours appear to have kids, but then I've got 3 classic Hondas and a pair of Tannoy Ardens...

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