Friday, October 07, 2011


Necessity may be the mother of invention but discontent makes the world go around.

Without a niggling feeling of general unhappiness with out lot most people would do nothing to change their lives.

If you are fed up with the weather in your current area you can choose to just accept it, constantly whinge about it or do something about it, which will most probably result in moving to another region where the climate is allegedly more in line with your desires.

The accepting types form the stoic background of our societies who can be depended upon to quietly accept whatever iniquities whoever is currently in power decide to burden them with, just don’t expect much from a group who are largely content with a nice comfy pair of slippers and a yellow cardigan with leather buttons.

The malcontents are frankly just a pain in the backside. Meet them in ten years time and they’ll still be going on about the same objects of their discontent but with some embellishment as to why they haven’t actually done anything.

Those who actively make changes in their lives for whatever reason are the drivers of the world. They make something happen. The “something” may not always be the desired result but without it we only suffer from stagnation.

In a perverse way it is probably the plodders who are most content in life. Those seeking change are quite likely to be always looking for the greener grass. The knowledge that you can change your world is a powerful and sometime destructive force.

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