Wednesday, February 14, 2007

And another thing

As one didn't appear to have much choice I've now updated to the new improved Blogger software.

I'm tempted to go and look up the word "progress" but I'm fairly sure it won't have "new blogger" in the definition. Maybe it'll say"waste another few minutes of your life for no obvious reason".

I have two Google accounts because of the cack handed way Adwords and Adsense were handled. Would the upgrade accept my preferred account? Nope. My password was apparently wrong, incorrect, rubbish. Sigh.

So once we'd entered our alternative account all is apparently well. Except I can't search all blogs anymore. I'm sure there's a way ; I just can't be bothered to waste any more of my life looking for it.

Message to all developers. If you must provide new featues don't hide the old ones. The clutch is next to the brake. It's not in the boot, glove compartment or in the centre console. Life is too short.

But then you're probably American.

And don't know what a clutch is....

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