Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not very EasyJet

Well OK, the jet bit was pretty easy but the Europcar car hire part of the transaction was a less than wonderful experience. I've obviously never tried a career in the secret police with a specialist subject of interrogation but even if I had I doubt whether I could have found out what the ****** car insurance costs or covers.

The EasyJet web site offers optional Piece of Mind cover to top up the CDW which apparently doesn't. Nowhere on any of the web sites can you find a definition of what this actually covers but clearly it isn't piece of mind. Still, hey ho, you can ring a premium rate telephone number or send an email that will be completely ignored.

Unsurprisingly, on arrival at Luton Airport I was invited to pay still more money to get Europcar Piece of Mind cover which is apparently is a different type of zen like calm than that offered by EasyJet. I couldn't pursue this much further as the Europcar operatives English was only marginally better than the helpful French security officials at Bordeaux.

Still I'm glad that I had the zen option because it was pitch black and it would have been impossible to check what the state of the car actually was. Lack of a radio aeriel would have been on the list. Local radio is such a joy.

Unfortunately the zen option didn't cover the houses in the rest of the street who were introduced to the cars alarm system very early the next day when I foolishly used the key to unlock the door. For those of you hiring a Kia something or other the button to disarm the alarm system is on the side of the ignition key which you may not notice at 0630 in the morning.

The people on the Europcar help desk don't know where it is either....

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